Reynolds by the numbers and on consistency

SandChigger | January 25, 2011

Alastair Reynolds’ afterword to his Galactic North collection begins more like something you would expect to see blahgged by size-queen hack Kevin J. Anderson: Here are eight stories — more than one hundred thousand words — But unlike Anderson’s statistics for bolstering the flaccidity of his plaintive “Look how hard I work!” boasting, Reynolds actually [...]

On Wishing “Happy Birthday” to the Dead

SandChigger | October 11, 2010

I don’t know, I guess I’m just weird, but it really strikes me as odd, if not in pretty bad taste, to publicly wish someone dead a “Happy Birthday!” As you probably know, last Friday, October 8th, was Frank Herbert’s birthday. Everyone from the various Herbert/Merritt parasites on down to The Hack seemed to be [...]


SandChigger | June 5, 2010

This year, as you probably already know, the world of Dune has been granted a reprieve from the usual annual assault on its literary integrity in that the Damnumbic Duo of Kevin J. “Spanky McDune” Anderson and Brian “BoBo” Herbert have elected to eschew their now well practiced routine of legacy anal rape and will [...]

Inama Nushif Fremen Lyrics: Update 2

SandChigger | March 6, 2010

I re-sent my original email inquiry to the “Tyler Assistant” address given on the contact page of Brian Tyler’s website, and cc’ed the address on Tyler’s domain given for Ryan Keaveney, who is listed as the go-to guy for “website inquiries”. The latter immediately bounced, so I guess that explains why some of the website [...]

Pierre Who?

SandChigger | January 5, 2010

Another fucking head-scratcher. Oh well, par for the course. I guess the only question is, will Luc Besson be coming along as part of the deal on this Morel movie as well? Tweet

Peter Berg is a fucking moron (reprise)

SandChigger | November 8, 2009

I was just reading Redstar’s “I hate Hollywood” thread over on Jacurutu and it really hit me—maybe for the first time, actually, since the news broke—just how fucking stupid Peter Berg must be to pass on a chance to direct a new movie version of Dune. And for what … Battleship? There’s something wrong with [...]

October 8, 1920

SandChigger | October 8, 2009

Today is Frank Herbert’s birthday. As Apjak has pointed out over on Jacurutu, he would have been 89 today, not a completely implausible age and possibly one at which he could have still been mentally capable and active and even writing Dune books. It would be nice if there were still a real writer working [...]