L’amour devant les dunes?

SandChigger | December 9, 2010

Mourir devant, courir derrière Se taire en attendant En attendant que faut-il faire Gagner la guerre ou simplement Ne plus vouloir la faire Dans cet enfer gagner du temps Cacher dans un désert Rêvant de l’océan Les gens qui montent les vers Partir pour un moment S’éloigner prudemment Du feu et faire Aux sables émouvants [...]

58 Days Left Until Sandworms Release

SandChigger | June 10, 2007

I think I counted up 101 “chapters” (snort!) in Hunters of Dune. I’ve “reviewed” only about five of them, I think. That means I better get busy if I’m going to finish the first book by the time the second one appears. As the dearly departed Almight Zeus might have said, “GOOD TIMES!” Tweet

The New, Improved Paul Atreides! Now 100% More Absorbant!

SandChigger | May 25, 2007

Oh, how do you mend a broken hea-a-art? Well, if you’re the new Paul Atreides, you just set your mind to it and you can repair all the damaged cells. And how can he do these things? Because he IS the Kwisatz Haderach! Just not the one Omnius wants. But why worry over the small [...]

Answers to answers:

| May 3, 2007

After stewing over Kevin’s responses for a bit longer than he took in formulating them, here are my comments (question summaries in blue, KJA answers in black, my comments in red): On criticisms of inconsistency: While I’ll get to specifics in a moment, I have indeed heard some of the criticisms and so-called “inconsistencies” and [...]

Answers Received

| April 25, 2007

This is what I found waiting in the email this morning: Q. Many fans of the original Dune novels have criticised your collaborative efforts as being inconsistent with the original novels by Frank Herbert. While some points are debatable at best, others seem to be clear inconsistencies, such as: While I’ll get to specifics in [...]

Email Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

| April 23, 2007

Kevin, You made it clear yesterday that further exchanges would be a waste of both your time and mine, but I am going ahead and sending these questions along since the thing had already achieved some momentum on the BBS. You can ignore them or answer at your leisure, as you choose. (I have indicated [...]

The “Epi-Epigraphs”…A prologue of sorts?

SandChigger | December 16, 2006

So, just in case you didn’t reread (or ever read) the last of the originals, these four “epi-epigraphs by way of prologue” (my title, since none is given for them) remind you of (or fill you in on) a few of the important details. Let’s look at each in turn. GUILD BANK RECORDS, GAMMU BRANCH [...]