Not even going through the motions now

SandChigger | April 19, 2009

Kevin has racked up four new posts on his blahg on Wordfire but Uncle Mike hasn’t even bothered linking to them from the index page on the Dune Novels site. (Of course, none of the new blahgs have anything at all to do with Dune, but when has that ever stopped them reposting content on [...]

Rockstar KJA: “Truly, I’m a fanboy at heart”

SandChigger | April 10, 2009

No fucking shit. Here’s Kevin’s “greatest hits” from his latest sell-out interview performance, linked to from his latest blahg. SEBASTIAN PICCIONE: Kevin, for anyone who may not know, can you briefly tell us who you are? Oh, of course he can: the hack has a set bio blurb he reposts every chance he gets. KEVIN [...]

Why I like Mike!

SandChigger | April 6, 2009

Uncle Mike Anderson, webmaster of Dumb Novels, I mean. Here’s the main reason: his fuck-ups are so cute. Pop on over to the “Dune Blog Index” page and click on the newest entry “Apr 4, 2009: The Winds of Dune Copy-Edit and UK Jacket Text“. Whoops! That’s the March 16th entry. Come on, Mike, get [...]

Kevin J. Anderson: A Complete and Utterly Unprofessional PoS

SandChigger | April 5, 2009

That’s Piece of Shit. In case there was any confusion. Since Kevin is bypassing the Dune Novels site now with his blog, I’ll do the same and just comment on his “blog” on Wordfire. Where he has just posted some more dirty laundry slagging off the poor copy writer who had the misfortune of being [...]

Kevin reads?!

SandChigger | April 1, 2009

This marks the third post to the so-called Dune “Blog” on Dune Novels that just links to Kevin’s new blog on Wordfire. A lot of fans write to ask what I read for pleasure in my spare time (spare time?). These are the books I’m actively reading, in various formats, at the moment Even in [...]

Win an Autographed Hard One from Kevin!

SandChigger | March 31, 2009

“Hard one” as in solid turd, of course. The Hack is evidently having to give his shit books away again, but that’s not what’s interesting about this one. This is: After posting nothing on the so-called “Dune Blog” on the Dune Novels website for NEARLY TWO WEEKS, Kevin has posted two new blawgs. AND BOTH [...]

KJA to be allowed to sabotage Nebula 2010 anthology!

SandChigger | March 17, 2009

In a surprising display of group stupidity, Mike Resnick, Catherine Asaro, Robin Wayne Bailey, Michael Bishop, Ben Bova, Michael Capobianco, Jack Dann, James Morrow, and Robert Silverberg have evidently decided to allow Kevin J. Anderson the potential of throwing a monkey-wrench into the works for the 2010 Nebula Awards anthology by asking him to be [...]