New Hunters Review on GoodReads

SandChigger | March 21, 2011

Drew, who has been commenting on some of the posts here lately, has published his review of Hunters of Dune on GoodReads. Have a look at the “reading progress” posts at the bottom first. (And if you happen to be a Blur fan, have a look at his blog here, too.) Addendum: Drew is currently [...]

A KJASF shill review on Amazon

SandChigger | March 16, 2011

Sean Smith, one of the confirmed original members of KJASF, has published a “review” (link now dead) (for lack of a better word) of SMELLHOLE on Amazon. It’s pretty fucking bad. [Edit: Text of deleted "review", in blue font.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Glad I Only Visited Hellhole, March 15, 2011 By Sean Smith [...]

Another accurate review

SandChigger | August 10, 2009

Adam Whitehead at The Wertzone has published a review entitled “The Winds of Dune…or should that be hot air?” With too many bloggers showing their complete lack of literary taste or integrity and shilling on this piece of shit, with some even engaging in giveaways of the “swagsacks” and other crap (like this one, and [...]

Masjid bayna n-Nujuum: Review of A Mosque Among the Stars

SandChigger | June 17, 2009

I really wanted to like this book. I first learned of it when I discovered the Islam and Science Fiction website during a web search early last December. The book wasn’t available on Amazon at the time (It is now, but for Kindle only the last time I checked), so I contacted one of the [...]

“The best thing Brian and KJA have written. Amazing!” – Paul of Dune Review

SandChigger | November 4, 2008

I wish I could agree with Brian’s nephew’s evaluation of this book quoted in the title. But I can’t. So far as I can see, the writing is just as uninspired and the use of language every bit as inept as in their previous eight “Dune” books. (Every noun must be qualified by an adjective [...]

One thing that always amuses me…

SandChigger | July 14, 2008

Is when you diss some dumbass’s review or comment over on Amazon and they immediately go to your profile and vote all your reviews “unhelpful”. LIKE I CARE? (I mean, I’ve done what, a total of six ultra-skimpy-brief reviews over there over the last gord-knows-how-many years. Does it look like I’m invested in the Amazon [...]

I no wonger feew wike waffing: SoD 4 Part 2

SandChigger | March 3, 2008

Around 2:30 AM on August 30 of last year I stopped halfway through my dissection of the fourth “chapter” of Sandworms, intending to finish it the next morning, but I never did. Let’s get started again, shall we? (Here’s a link to that first part, if you feel like refreshing your memory.) So…try to remember [...]