First FanFic Contest Entry!

SandChigger | July 17, 2010

Usul, we have fanfic sign! (The first non-spam one, at least.) Dune Fan Fiction Contest Entry: #1 You can always use this tag link to check for new entries. Tweet

Dune Script Contest?

SandChigger | July 13, 2010

The ever original arnoldo has posted this over on the Dune Novels BBS: The following contest is open to anyone wishing to select any scene to script for the upcoming Dune movie. After all entries are submitted a poll will be opened where anyone can vote for the winner. Good Luck! Aw… how flattering! arny [...]


SandChigger | June 29, 2010

Hairy Ticks of Dune, in conjunction with Jacurutu, is proud to announce the Dune Fan Fiction Contest. This contest, as an unofficial, unauthorized and completely fan-organized event, is dedicated to honoring and exploring the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories. Full details here. Tweet

System: ALF CEN B

SandChigger | June 17, 2008

Been playing around with Celestia a bit over the last few days…. Clicking opens a larger (up to 65 KB) version in a new window. Alpha Centauri B System Newton Einstein Hawking Ockels Ockels vs. Terra Well before the first generation ship arrived in system late in the 26th century, the four planets had already [...]

Chiropodists of Dune?

SandChigger | October 7, 2007

Here’s an odd little something on a blog called “OVERNIGHT TO MANY DISTANT CITIES”, sent to me this morning by Tanzeelat. Enjoy. Tweet