Sisterhood of Dune Synopsis

SandChigger | January 1, 2012

I’ll be updating the chapter-by-chapter synopsis for Sisterhood of Dune as I begin reading through the thing in earnest today. Comment here on this post or via the contact form, please! Tweet

Bug Score: HToD outranked KJAblog for Sisterhood of Dune!

SandChigger | December 10, 2011

When I did a search for “Sisterhood of Dune” just now, a page here on this website actually outranked Kevin J. Anderson’s own blahg. Eat it and weep, KJA BITCH! And in the results for a Google Blog search, this blog came up second yet again! The access stats also show that there have already [...]

Dear Ben… how’s about you tongue punch my fart box?

SandChigger | October 1, 2011

Sent via the website feedback form by “Ben” on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 2:29 PM: I have read every Dune novel published from Frank Herbert’s original novels to the newer novels published by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. I have looked over your blog and I cannot understand why do hate the newer [...]

“fandom nitpicking at it worse”

SandChigger | May 18, 2011

Some named Lucy used the feedback form in the Dune Encyclopedia section of the website to send me this yesterday (my time): I don’t really think your criticism of the lyrics to Inama Nushif is really fair. For one, this is a totally fictitious work.The contemporary linguists were only trying to come up with as [...]

Kevin’s butt cheeks, revisited

SandChigger | May 14, 2011

There’s some really weird stuff shows up in the access logs, showing how people end up here. This month alone, three searches for “kevins butt cheeks” ended up on this post from July 2008, which tops the hits list. Along with the truly bizarre (“lowered sperm hairy crock”, “arabic hairy”, “riddles about ticks” and “hairy [...]

14.95% of HToD visitors are after Sisterhood info!

SandChigger | March 19, 2011

In this post I reported that 14.65 % of the web searches that ended up on this website over the previous six months were related in some way to the upcoming McDune travesty The Sisterhood of Dune. That result, however, included results for February 2011 only up through the 9th of the month. Now that [...]

14.65% of HToD searches are for Sisterhood

SandChigger | February 11, 2011

An average of 14.65 % of the search hits on this website over the last six months were for keyphrases related in some way to the next McDune book, The Sisterhood of Dune: Sep 2010 : 13.4 % Oct 2010 : 20.4 % Nov 2010 : 14.5 % Dec 2010 : 13.7 % Jan 2011 [...]