Moon Squid behind JPN probe failure?

SandChigger | December 11, 2010

I guess that’s one explanation for this, and as good as any other! What do you think? Tweet

Like this, STUPID!

SandChigger | February 12, 2010

“Are we on? … OK. … Doot-doot-do. … Oh … Wow. … Hmm-hmm. … So… Ah-hah! … So, we had what constitutes a fairly heavy snow for this part of the country … so … I decided I would come out … with my recorder!” “OK. Here’s the real point of hiking in the snow [...]

Look at me! Tribute from a Chigger-fan!

SandChigger | November 18, 2008

Thanks again to Simon (bar Simple) for posting this and making me aware of loco arnie’s latest fixation. (There are no less than four variations of this among his images.) Gawd, I just LOVE the attention, because that’s what I am, an attention whore. As Wilde pointed out, the only thing worse than being talked [...]

When you cut him, doth he not bleed?

SandChigger | November 3, 2008

(By GamePlayer. Used with permission.) Tweet

System: ALF CEN B

SandChigger | June 17, 2008

Been playing around with Celestia a bit over the last few days…. Clicking opens a larger (up to 65 KB) version in a new window. Alpha Centauri B System Newton Einstein Hawking Ockels Ockels vs. Terra Well before the first generation ship arrived in system late in the 26th century, the four planets had already [...]

Look out, Eru! You’ve got competition!

SandChigger | November 9, 2007

Powindah Scum, take note! The Family of the Yaghist has thrown down! They’re TICKED: And taking a stand…NO SANDWORMS! I don’t know about you all, but I think Eru’s “sh*t-eating grin” is in trouble. Just look at that expression of haughty disdain on the face of the wee tank-to-be! (Of course, if she’s really drinking [...]