The Least Interesting Man in the Dune-related Universe

SandChigger | September 12, 2011

Would have to be Byron Merritt, with the way he’s latched onto this Dos Equis commercial campaign rip-off like a priapic little yippy-yip stool-dog humping away on your boot until you shit-kick it halfway across the desert. Of course, when you’ve got fuck-all for original ideas of your own, you probably latch onto whatever you [...]

They’re back as a “Dune forum”!

SandChigger | April 1, 2011

After disappearing from the Google results for “Dune forum” following their recent site update(?!), DuneNovels is back! But still ranked LOWER than Jacurutu: But the real icing on the cake? Clicking the link results in a 404 error. Try it yourself and see! Tweet

Another Dune Novels fuck-up?

SandChigger | February 26, 2011

Googling “Dune forum” at the moment (at least on this side of the planet?) results in something pretty interesting: I’m pretty sure that even as late as earlier today, the Dune Novels entry was first on the list. Looks like they’ve fucked something up again. (Where’s that “ab5fe…” alphanumeric-soup shit from?!) Website and McDune books, [...]

Dune Movie News!

SandChigger | January 20, 2011

Whoa… how much longer before DuneNovels releases the news on the latest development concerning movie? Do they think they can keep a lid on this one forever?! Tweet

Next Up: Trendy Stupid Twitter Cunts of Dune

SandChigger | January 13, 2011

Utterly unbelievable: God Emperor of Dune translated into TweetSpeak: Congratulations, you dumbfuck, on A NEW ALL-TIME LOW! Tweet

And God created idiot heirs to milk the legacy

SandChigger | August 21, 2010

Are there even words for this level of stupidity and disrespect? If there are, I don’t know them. Tweet

Dune IQ Test: Question #1

SandChigger | July 7, 2010

What’s wrong with this picture? If you answered, “The proper quote should be Truth suffers from too much analysis. AND it’s from Dune Messiah, not Dune,” then you are 200 percent more DUNE SMART than whatever dumbass has been posting using the DuneNovels account over on Twitter. There just ain’t no justice when a literary [...]