Never a bad time to biotch-slap Brian Herbert

SandChigger | April 22, 2011

At least according to his writing partner Kevin J. Anderson. In the latest SFFWRTCHT “interview” by slavering fanboy Brian Whatever on Grasping for the Wind: science fiction and fantasy news & reviews: SFFWRTCHT: Have you considered collaborating on books with Brandon Sanderson or Dave Wolverton or Eric Flint? Your Superstars partners? KJA: We haven’t talked [...]

KJA: Writing Dune for His Inner Younger Reader, After All?

SandChigger | February 12, 2008

I’ve just been listening to Kevin warble on in that podcast interview mentioned a couple of weeks back. (See, Jakob, I haven’t forgotten!) While discussing the transition between Dune and Dune Messiah with host Shaun Farrell, Kevin reveals that he was disappointed with it: It’s almost like, at the end of Dune, Paul is about [...]

Answers to answers:

| May 3, 2007

After stewing over Kevin’s responses for a bit longer than he took in formulating them, here are my comments (question summaries in blue, KJA answers in black, my comments in red): On criticisms of inconsistency: While I’ll get to specifics in a moment, I have indeed heard some of the criticisms and so-called “inconsistencies” and [...]

Answers Received

| April 25, 2007

This is what I found waiting in the email this morning: Q. Many fans of the original Dune novels have criticised your collaborative efforts as being inconsistent with the original novels by Frank Herbert. While some points are debatable at best, others seem to be clear inconsistencies, such as: While I’ll get to specifics in [...]

Email Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

| April 23, 2007

Kevin, You made it clear yesterday that further exchanges would be a waste of both your time and mine, but I am going ahead and sending these questions along since the thing had already achieved some momentum on the BBS. You can ignore them or answer at your leisure, as you choose. (I have indicated [...]