“fandom nitpicking at it worse”

SandChigger | May 18, 2011

Some named Lucy used the feedback form in the Dune Encyclopedia section of the website to send me this yesterday (my time): I don’t really think your criticism of the lyrics to Inama Nushif is really fair. For one, this is a totally fictitious work.The contemporary linguists were only trying to come up with as [...]

The Soul of a New Machine

SandChigger | December 30, 2010

Here’s a peek at some of the code behind the Fremen Verb Conjugator that’s going to be (one of?) the centerpiece(s?) of the new Fremen Conlang area of the site: There’s still a lot of irregular morphology & phonology stuff to add, along with the imperatives and passive conjugations for all the derived Forms, but [...]

Would composer Brian Tyler committing plagiarism…

SandChigger | October 14, 2010

… in some song lyrics way back in 2003 be something you might be interested in looking into? I’ve been trying to contact Tyler for some kind of comment for about half a year now — through the email addresses given on his website, through his Facebook and MySpace accounts, even through his agent at [...]

Fremen and Modern Arabic

SandChigger | June 17, 2010

I’ve added a new page in the resources section of the site, something I’ve been working on for a while: a comparison of Frank Herbert’s Dune “Fremen” language and the Modern Arabic words and phrases which presumably were its source. A comparison of Frank Herbert’s “Fremen” and Modern Arabic If you have any comments or [...]

The Etymology of “Gom Jabbar”, Part 2

SandChigger | April 16, 2010

Last Saturday I blogged about how stupid DuneNovels on Twitter looked simply reposting Khalid Baheyeldin’s partial explanation of the original Arabic source for “Gom Jabbar”. (He explains Jabbar, but not Gom.) I offered some speculation of my own on the origins of the mystery word, and concluded that “until ‘someone’ comes forward with something definitive [...]

An Ishtiqaq al-Ibara “Gom Jabbar”

SandChigger | April 10, 2010

Continuing their plagiarism of the Baheyeldin page, DuneNovels on Twitter posted the following on April 8: GOM JABBAR: Poison needle with meta-cyanide. Jabar variation -”Jabbar” (Arabic) = mighty; powerful. “Al Jabbar” is a name of God. As you can probably tell from that Twit, Khalid has commented only on the “jabbar” part of the term [...]

An Ishtiqaq al-Kalima “Qizara”

SandChigger | March 25, 2010

If, like Byron Merritt, you have spent any time poring over Khalid Baheyeldin’s Arabic and Islamic themes in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” webpage, you may have noticed his entry for Quizara Tafwid: Fremen priests (after Muad’Dib). The Arabic term Tafwid means “to delegate”. Well, actually tafwîḍ is a noun meaning, according to Wehr (p.732), “entrustment, commissioning; [...]