Like this, STUPID!

SandChigger | February 12, 2010

“Are we on? … OK. … Doot-doot-do. … Oh … Wow. … Hmm-hmm. … So… Ah-hah! … So, we had what constitutes a fairly heavy snow for this part of the country … so … I decided I would come out … with my recorder!” “OK. Here’s the real point of hiking in the snow [...]

Radio Free Arrakeen refurbished!

SandChigger | July 16, 2009

Mr. Teg and I have been talking about getting together to do a new podcast before The Hack and Sack shoot their stinky WoD at fans next month, so in preparation I’ve completely redone the RFA subdomain. Up until now we have simply used the automated linkage between GarageBand and iWeb, passing our finished podcast [...]

New on Radio Free Arrakeen: The PoD-cast!

SandChigger | September 1, 2008

The copy of the UK paperback of Paul of Dune that I quietly ordered a while back arrived this morning in the mails. Oh yes. In quick consultation with Teg, a particularly offensive chapter was chosen and is read in the PoD-cast. You’re not going to believe the crap they pull in this one. We [...]