New Hunters Review on GoodReads

SandChigger | March 21, 2011

Drew, who has been commenting on some of the posts here lately, has published his review of Hunters of Dune on GoodReads. Have a look at the “reading progress” posts at the bottom first. (And if you happen to be a Blur fan, have a look at his blog here, too.) Addendum: Drew is currently [...]

No real evidence for any “Dune 7″ outline

SandChigger | January 5, 2011

OK, it’s been, what, three years now since the publication of Sandworms of Dune? And they’ve yet to produce any credible evidence backing up the claim that Hunters and Sandworms were based on an outline found on floppies in two safety deposit boxes. I’ve added a new page in the Miscellaneous Topics section of the [...]

Hunters of Dune…a template for writing a scifi epic?

SandChigger | April 30, 2008

I just happened upon a “review” of Grunters (can we say “old news”?), written by “author” Matthew Tait, that adds new dimensions to the word clueless. Here’s a sample, to give you an idea of what I mean: The opponent that humanity believed to be long extinct has reappeared from the edge of the Universe [...]

OK…ready for something REALLY nasty?

SandChigger | November 21, 2007

Think about it carefully before you click to see more. Tweet

The “Epi-Epigraphs”…A prologue of sorts?

SandChigger | December 16, 2006

So, just in case you didn’t reread (or ever read) the last of the originals, these four “epi-epigraphs by way of prologue” (my title, since none is given for them) remind you of (or fill you in on) a few of the important details. Let’s look at each in turn. GUILD BANK RECORDS, GAMMU BRANCH [...]

Preliminaries: Acknowledgements and Authors’ Note

SandChigger | December 16, 2006

I don’t have much to say about the Acknowledgements, except to note that this section may answer, for the careful reader, that oft-asked question “Who exactly are the members of the Herbert Limited Parnership?” And to simply point out in passing my concern over why a third party (Dr. Attila Torkos) had to be relied [...]

Hunters of Dune: TOC for Part I

SandChigger | December 11, 2006

Here is the Table of Contents for Part I of Hunters, indicating initial page number and my abbreviations for the sections. The text associated with each division is composed of a snippet each from (1) the epigraph (in italics) for the section and (2) the main text (first three words capitalized), or just the main [...]