Vader’s Fisters are lubing up ass, I mean, AS we speak…

SandChigger | January 2, 2012

Poor Kevin. Does he feel he needs these asshats around, or does he just lack the balls to tell them to fuck off? Or, best of all, does he really really really think they’re cool?! Oh Holy Maker, I do hope that’s it! (Clicky) Tweet

Sisterhood of Dune Synopsis

SandChigger | January 1, 2012

I’ll be updating the chapter-by-chapter synopsis for Sisterhood of Dune as I begin reading through the thing in earnest today. Comment here on this post or via the contact form, please! Tweet

Frank Herbert – Dune 7: A Reconstruction

SandChigger | October 18, 2010

Here’s a blog post on the “Jules Wellesley Blog” that Askaris and Ionah have been keeping to themselves for some reason. (What’s up with that, guys?!) Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but will comment more when I have. (I’m pretty sure the Gwern mentioned in the first line is the one you [...]


SandChigger | June 29, 2010

Hairy Ticks of Dune, in conjunction with Jacurutu, is proud to announce the Dune Fan Fiction Contest. This contest, as an unofficial, unauthorized and completely fan-organized event, is dedicated to honoring and exploring the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories. Full details here. Tweet

Just a reminder…

SandChigger | March 27, 2010

A STATEMENT OF COMMENTING POLICY ON THIS BLOG Comments here are not moderated. (But comments by first time posters, or repeat commenters who use a different email address, are held for moderation by the blogware.) All I ask is that people unknown to me use a valid email address. Write your comment and … that’s [...]

Xmas in August in ChiggerLande!

SandChigger | August 2, 2009

My my my! Here I thought it was going to be a relatively quiet, laid-back first Sunday morning in August. NO WAY! It’s like Xmas and New Year’s done come together (with a dash of Obon for local flavor!), and I find myself blessed with an embarrassment of riches! Brace yourselves, my dear Ludmillas, this [...]

Synopsis of The Winds of Dune Going Up…

SandChigger | July 25, 2009

I’ve started posting to the “chapter”-by-”chapter” synopsis page for The Winds of Dune on the site here. Only four chapters so far, but I’ll post the rest as I find the stomach for it. Linked to through the main site portal page or use this shortcut: Synopsis of The Winds of Dune Tweet