Fantasy author Tad Williams slams KJA

SandChigger | September 10, 2011

In the transcript of an interview with George R. R. Martin posted on The Citadel, fantasy author Tad Williams says Another question from the audience — would you allow someone else to finish for you and who do you think could do the job well? [jokes] That was a suggestion from K J Anderson — [...]

Scalzi doesn’t like McDune.

SandChigger | March 2, 2009

Even though he and “TheKJA” (Good Gahd, he’s used the definite article with his own name) seem to be Twitter friends, in a “recent books” post to his Whatever blog back in September 2005 in which he discussed The Road to Dune, John Scalzi wrote: I’m not a fan of the new Dune novels at [...]