Website dumbfuckery spreads to Wordfire

SandChigger | March 3, 2011

D Pope PMed me on Jacurutu and advised me to check out the Book Releases page (under Calendar) on KJA’s site. Where I found this: Oh the HUMANITY!!! Is this an indication that Uncle Mike Anderson is still on the job? That would be heart-warming, were it true. 14evin J. Anderson, Master of Universes, [...]

No official oversight whatsoever!

SandChigger | January 28, 2011

TheKJA (Kevin J Anderson) while my test group reads SISTERHOOD OF DUNE and I prep for UK HELLHOLE tour, I think I’ll try to sneak in writing a new novel. 22 hours ago Remember that in an interview back in 2006, KJA revealed that his “test group” consisted (then, at least) of wife Rebecca, her [...]

The J is for Journeyman

SandChigger | April 18, 2010

Kevin Journeyman Anderson. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Mr Teg came up with it in a phone conversation about half an hour ago. Evidently Byron, posting as DuneNovels on Twitter, liked the epithet, too: he’s linked to the LA Times article by Scott Timberg and reposted it on Facebook and linked to that [...]

Webdancers’ Comet? Or Sidney’s Timeweb?

SandChigger | June 9, 2009

As the next installment in the continuing saga of fuck-ups on the Dune Novels website, webmaster “Uncle Mike” Anderson brings us the “Books by Brian Herbert” page! Look closely at that first item: (Click image for larger version in new window.) Hmm … that doesn’t sound much like one of the Timeweb books. That sounds [...]