Bug Score: HToD outranked KJAblog for Sisterhood of Dune!

SandChigger | December 10, 2011

When I did a search for “Sisterhood of Dune” just now, a page here on this website actually outranked Kevin J. Anderson’s own blahg. Eat it and weep, KJA BITCH! And in the results for a Google Blog search, this blog came up second yet again! The access stats also show that there have already [...]

Eat this, bitches!

SandChigger | November 20, 2011

Third place works for me! Edit: Click for updated search results! Tweet

Fantasy author Tad Williams slams KJA

SandChigger | September 10, 2011

In the transcript of an interview with George R. R. Martin posted on The Citadel, fantasy author Tad Williams says Another question from the audience — would you allow someone else to finish for you and who do you think could do the job well? [jokes] That was a suggestion from K J Anderson — [...]

The professionalism in everything they do

SandChigger | April 4, 2011

The other day yevisk (now rakishoard) over on Twitter sent me the following messages: yevisk: @DuneSandChigger per our Poland friend, Smellhole lists out Throne of Dune on the series pg…does KJA EVER proof read his “masterpieces”?! 30 Mar rakishoard: @DuneSandChigger The KJA crew left off GEOD under FH works in the Smellhole “booklist page”, but [...]

They’re back as a “Dune forum”!

SandChigger | April 1, 2011

After disappearing from the Google results for “Dune forum” following their recent site update(?!), DuneNovels is back! But still ranked LOWER than Jacurutu: But the real icing on the cake? Clicking the link results in a 404 error. Try it yourself and see! Tweet

A KJASF shill review on Amazon

SandChigger | March 16, 2011

Sean Smith, one of the confirmed original members of KJASF, has published a “review” (link now dead) (for lack of a better word) of SMELLHOLE on Amazon. It’s pretty fucking bad. [Edit: Text of deleted "review", in blue font.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Glad I Only Visited Hellhole, March 15, 2011 By Sean Smith [...]

Nearly a week later…

SandChigger | March 9, 2011

And the text-garbage/gobbledygook on the Wordfire > Calendar > Book Releases page (mentioned in this post here) is still there. Poor KJA: he can’t get decent help with his website problems (the right column in his blahg layout is still fucked up when you view the individual posts), people give him the wrong titles for [...]