Got any questions for Kevin?

SandChigger | December 30, 2011

Anyone got any questions you want me to be sure to try to ask KJA at either of the upcoming Dayton or Cincinnati book tour events? (I’ll be attending both.) Use the comments section below to let me know! Also include any ideas about how I should ask him to sign my copy of Sisterhood [...]

Bug Score: HToD outranked KJAblog for Sisterhood of Dune!

SandChigger | December 10, 2011

When I did a search for “Sisterhood of Dune” just now, a page here on this website actually outranked Kevin J. Anderson’s own blahg. Eat it and weep, KJA BITCH! And in the results for a Google Blog search, this blog came up second yet again! The access stats also show that there have already [...]

Eat this, bitches!

SandChigger | November 20, 2011

Third place works for me! Edit: Click for updated search results! Tweet

Dear Ben… how’s about you tongue punch my fart box?

SandChigger | October 1, 2011

Sent via the website feedback form by “Ben” on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 2:29 PM: I have read every Dune novel published from Frank Herbert’s original novels to the newer novels published by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. I have looked over your blog and I cannot understand why do hate the newer [...]

Remember Vendetta?

SandChigger | May 14, 2011

Did he ever come back and make good on this: I intend to annihilate your rant about the problems with the new book in an up coming post. Did he come by and “annihilate” my post and I just miss it? Or did he just limp off back into Internet anonymity with his head and [...]

Which book first? (An all-play survey question)

SandChigger | May 11, 2011

So what do you think? Which book should be first, and why? A Dune Encyclopedia An Unauthorized Dune Concordance Choice of titles on this one: (a) The Dune: House Atreides Companion or (b) The SandChigger Companion to Dune: House Atreides Or do you have other suggestions? (And if you think I’m kidding about these… think [...]

And a big howdy to anyone from the Amazon forums!

SandChigger | April 1, 2011

It always amuses me when someone with their panties in a bunch because of something I’ve posted on some thread in the Amazon customer discussion forums under my real name (Ronald Craig) eventually ends up googling me and tries to attack me using something they’ve found on this blog or website or some detail of [...]