Who doubts KJA is calling the shots?

SandChigger | September 27, 2011

Even if they’re just the fanboy cumshots? You have to wonder how much of what follows is real, and how much of it was dreamt up and prestaged in the fetid bowel-womb of KJASF.com: Adam O’Brien Byron, how is the progress going with the Dune graphic novels adaptation? Saturday at 12:06pm – Padrig Merle likes [...]

Dune Movie Remake: Big-time Banging!

SandChigger | April 2, 2011

In response to question (“any word on a movie?”) from a completely clueless idiot on the Official Dune account wall on Facebook, whatever Herbert-Linked Parasite is using the account (either Byron or Kim?) replied Paramount’s rights have lapsed… But other big production companies are banging on the door. 2 hours ago Really? Banging on the [...]

No official oversight whatsoever!

SandChigger | January 28, 2011

TheKJA (Kevin J Anderson) while my test group reads SISTERHOOD OF DUNE and I prep for UK HELLHOLE tour, I think I’ll try to sneak in writing a new novel. 22 hours ago Remember that in an interview back in 2006, KJA revealed that his “test group” consisted (then, at least) of wife Rebecca, her [...]

The word is “interquel”, dumbass

SandChigger | July 16, 2010

Well, the spin-job wasn’t complete until Anderson had blahgged it, and now he has. Now that HELLHOLE is delivered and in production, Brian Herbert and I spent most of last week holed up together in intensive brainstorming for our next DUNE novel. Really? I suppose that begs the question of whose hole? Well, not really: [...]