When the desert calls…

SandChigger | August 30, 2006

There is nothing to do but answer. Then again…you could let the machine pick up. I am hopping a thin line. The serene solitude of the desert beckons, all interest lost in the tumult of the souq. To keep silent while waiting to see what will happen? To try to win a battle that cannot [...]


SandChigger | August 23, 2006

As I walked to the park for the matsuri the other night, I was strangely reminded of the festival city of Onn. * * * * * Last night I decided to take a break and read a bit more of The Gripping Hand by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. And was reminded that space-opera [...]


SandChigger | August 17, 2006

今晩、仕事から帰る途中でこう考えた。 いわゆる「新デューン小説」の原文はあんまり好きではないが、もしかしてその日本語訳が名文で面白いかも知れない。 明日の午前中、平に用事があるのでヤマニ書店に依ってみようかと思う。役者はシリーズ全体同じく亡き矢野徹だから、一冊だけを買えば訳文の質が分かるはず。損することはなかろう。 Tweet