The 12 Stages of Chigger Evolution (so far)

SandChigger | June 30, 2007

I thought a little light humor might be in order before we get back to the task of literary demolition, so here’s a little something I have been thinking about posting for quite a while…. Evolution of a SandChigger I started out with a simple image of a harvest mite, found somewhere on the Web: [...]

Seriously Non-PC Questions for the Authors

SandChigger | June 16, 2007

Oh, why not? Here are my first two: For Brian: Did your personal Luddism have anything to do with your decision to go ahead and write the Legends series? For Kevin: Could you get me Tom Cruise’s autograph? (Add your own in the comments!) Tweet

Be it ever so humble…

SandChigger | June 11, 2007

Howdy and welcome to the new digs! I’ll gradually migrate the content of my Blogger blog to this new WordPress blog. Stay tuned! Addendum: Tleilax Master B has raised a question in the comments: Why is an email address required to comment? It’s just a feature of the WordPress blogware. Nothing is done with the [...]

58 Days Left Until Sandworms Release

SandChigger | June 10, 2007

I think I counted up 101 “chapters” (snort!) in Hunters of Dune. I’ve “reviewed” only about five of them, I think. That means I better get busy if I’m going to finish the first book by the time the second one appears. As the dearly departed Almight Zeus might have said, “GOOD TIMES!” Tweet