Hold off a while on the flowers, eh what.

SandChigger | September 29, 2007

Rumors of my demise being much exaggerated…I am posting this to let y’all know I am alive and well (well, sort of) and ready to start kicking again. This is a “Chigger Stuff” category post, so take a variation of Prequelite Argument #1 (or something like that) as advice: if you’re not interested, don’t read [...]

Hypertensive Urgency

BumbleBug | September 21, 2007

It’s not just a funny-sounding phrase anymore! No more jokes about people blowing a head gasket…at least not from me! (There but for the grace….) Still…it is a pity about Bob and Awnowd, though…. Tweet

Sleeping with Kevin

BumbleBug | September 17, 2007

Not something I planned to do…but then you never know what’s going to happen after a few beers, do you? I finally got the copy of Hidden Empire sent to me last year by Kevin from my aunt. Went to bed around 11:30 intending to have a look-thru before turning out the light. Woke up [...]

生の声: No. 2

BumbleBug | September 16, 2007

The Japanese in the title of this post reads nama no koe and means “real or actual [lit. raw] voice.” Yesterday morning I added a second name to the list of “Dune friends” I have had the pleasure of actually speaking to or meeting in person…when I talked with Tleilax Master B. It’s always great [...]

“They don’t seem to be saying much.”

BumbleBug | September 14, 2007

You gotta love Freakzilla: The sad thing is, now that the new fans have their say without “being run off”, they don’t seem to be saying much. (I’m back again. Didn’t take the MacBook along to Cincy since I didn’t think there’d be time to use it—a correct assessment. Home again now and catching up….) [...]

But then again, why bother?

BumbleBug | September 9, 2007

It crossed my mind that it might be amusing to try to sign up for an new account over at you know where. But then I had a good look around and thought…why bother? I mean…why try to covertly rejoin a board where the latest question on the trivia thread is “Who was Jessica’s father?” [...]

Sandworms No. 19 at Borders stores?

BumbleBug | September 9, 2007

I engaged in a bit of reconnoiter while over in one of the local malls this evening and stopped by the Walden Books there. At the front of the store, they had a rack with the current bestselling hardbacks. Sandworms was #19. I asked the people behind the counter what the ranking was based on, [...]