A Hack’s Life: A Dune “Blog” Preview?

SandChigger | November 29, 2007

Kevin has posted something over on MySpace called “A Day in The Life”. Gawd, he’s amazing! 9:00 AM review chapter notes for current book, go out with tape recorder and hike various trails while writing two chapters. Love it! Will wait to fill this out more if it gets posted on the Dune “Blog”. (You [...]

Linguistics in SF

SandChigger | November 25, 2007

New page here, prompted by a comment. (There’s a link at the top, too.) Tweet

Once a Zensunni Wanderer…

SandChigger | November 24, 2007

walked up to the stall of a spice-dog vendor and, after looking over the various condiments available, said, “Make me one with everything.” The vendor complied and as he handed it over received from the Wanderer a twenty-solari coin in payment. “Shukra, spashbalsy!” the vendor exclaimed and turned to the next customer in line. The [...]


SandChigger | November 22, 2007

Whoa. I mean…Wow. That’s the first time EVER I can remember wishing the turkeys a good one! (snort) Tweet

OK…ready for something REALLY nasty?

SandChigger | November 21, 2007

Think about it carefully before you click to see more. Tweet

Another delicious offering from Herbert Dairies, Ink.

SandChigger | November 16, 2007

Someone over on MySpace mailed me with the link to this little tidbit (I’m not sure if he wants to be associated with it publicly, so I’ll let him self-identify in the comments if he so chooses) and it was just too tasty not to pass along: I’m…flabbergasted. Come on, Kim, is that ALL you [...]

Separated for so long and then…together at last?

SandChigger | November 16, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 – Returning to Earth Whoa…the Kevster finally got the concept! Of tailoring his reposted wares to different venues! Unfortunately it just extends to the title, though. (Over on MySpace, this one is called “Home Again”. Only two FoKs [Friends of Kevin] have commented so far. Evidently only FoKs can comment on [...]