Hunters of Dune…a template for writing a scifi epic?

SandChigger | April 30, 2008

I just happened upon a “review” of Grunters (can we say “old news”?), written by “author” Matthew Tait, that adds new dimensions to the word clueless. Here’s a sample, to give you an idea of what I mean: The opponent that humanity believed to be long extinct has reappeared from the edge of the Universe [...]

The shithead went ahead and had it reposted

SandChigger | April 27, 2008

I actually thought Kevin might not repost this particular MySpace blog on the Dune Novels Dune “Blog”. It has absolutely nothing to do with Dune and is of interest only to those benighted loons who think it would be neat to meet Kevin in person. (I’m sure that people interested in the LA Times Festival [...]

Kevin blahgs about his ‘hole

SandChigger | April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008 – New SF Series — Hellhole So, more info (What is it Inhuien’s sig says? Wheee! Wheeee! Wheeee!) about the new books Kevin and Brian will be writing every other year they’re not raping the Duniverse for more ready cash. (Bend over, Dune! Kevvy’s got another chubby!) The series will be [...]

Kevin’s Uncle Mike finally gets it up

SandChigger | April 18, 2008

Actually, he double-teamed it: He finally got the “ADD fan in Toronto (TAZ?)” repost up and linked correctly (here) and reposted the “Three new ‘Dune’ books including Leto” one: Monday, April 14, 2008 – Three More Dune Novels — Jessica, Irulan, and Leto I got nothing more to say on this piece of shit and [...]

Kewl! Or should I say Ништяк!?

SandChigger | April 15, 2008

I just got my first ever Russian comment spam written in Cyrillic! Cool. Tweet

Canning Their Canon

SandChigger | April 14, 2008

I understand there has been some more sound and fury over the question of the canon status of the new “Dune” books. You already know where I stand on this, but let’s make it clear again and why. The new books are not canon and can never be so, even if they do in fact [...]

What the FUCK? “Heroes” to be a Tetralogy?

SandChigger | April 14, 2008

Ksander on MySpace has posted a link to an interview with Hiker Hack. Here’s the first question and the first line of the reply: Could you give us more details about your “Heroes of Dune” trilogy? It’s actually four books — Paul, Jessica, Irulan, and Leto That’s right. Paul of Dune, Jessica of Dune, Irulan [...]