If you could pry apart Kevin’s buttcheeks…

SandChigger | July 25, 2008

This is what you would see: WHEN YOU STARE INTO THE ASSHOLE, AN ASSHOLE STARES BACK AT YOU. (Or: “Oh my gawd…assholes within assholes within assholes!”) (Or: “Shit! It’s assholes all the way down!”) So…a special treat this time round: Kevin “Reamer of Dune” Anderson double-posts to the blogs! (It doesn’t look like it on [...]

Reamer of Dune?

SandChigger | July 22, 2008

It occurred to me earlier this evening (well, last night, at this point) that the above might make a good title for a biography of either of the Hacks Twain. (Which do you think it works better for? Kevin, right?) Got any suggestions of your own? Put ‘em in the comments! “Father! The Drinker has…thrown [...]

One thing that always amuses me…

SandChigger | July 14, 2008

Is when you diss some dumbass’s review or comment over on Amazon and they immediately go to your profile and vote all your reviews “unhelpful”. LIKE I CARE? (I mean, I’ve done what, a total of six ultra-skimpy-brief reviews over there over the last gord-knows-how-many years. Does it look like I’m invested in the Amazon [...]

Thar he blows! (Again)

SandChigger | July 12, 2008

Well, Uncle Mike finally got it up. Kevin’s latest blawg onto the Dune Novels mirror site, I mean. (It’s been up on MySpace for over a day.) Some of the links are still fooked, though. (The new post didn’t show up in the “blog” index just a few minutes ago. I wouldn’t have known it [...]