Dayton(a) Venue: Books & Co at the Greene

SandChigger | September 30, 2008

From their events webpage: Friday Oct 3 KEVIN ANDERSON FRIDAY, 7-8 PM @ The Greene Science fiction fantasy writer KEVIN ANDERSON will introduce Paul of Dune, the book he co-authored with Brian Herbert. Set between Dune and Dune Messiah, this is the thrilling story of how Paul Muad’Dib conquered the universe. We find that the [...]

Ouch 2: Paul of Dune Debuts at #58 on USA Today Bestseller List

SandChigger | September 30, 2008

Was just having a quick look at Kevin’s blawg on MySpace to see if there was anything new in the ole poopline and noticed this difference in the last lines of the “Continuing the Tour” post: And yesterday we learned that PAUL OF DUNE has hit the New York Times bestseller list and the USA [...]

Further proof that KJA fans can’t read!

SandChigger | September 28, 2008

In his recent “On the Road (to Dune)” blawg post, Kevin wrote: At night we talked and signed at Borderlands Books in downtown San Francisco, one of our favorite independent bookstores…several years ago, they had let us hole up in the back room for a few hours before a signing so that Brian and I [...]

Ouch: Paul of Dune Debuts at #11 on NYT Bestseller List

SandChigger | September 28, 2008

Aw…that’s gotta hurt. (At least, I hope it does.) I mean, after all, that’s probably the lowest any of their crap books have come in at. Must be why Kevin is blabbering about “professional” reviews being so favorable…but not quoting or posting links to any besides those Library Journal people? So, Byron, how do we [...]

KJA Shits Online: September B(owe)log Round-up

SandChigger | September 27, 2008

After suffering from a significant case of “blawg constipation” through most of this year, Kevin has really…bloomed this month and shat out a fairly substantial and smelly mass. Let’s stir it up a bit and see what floats to the top—or wriggles out?—WHILE PRETENDING TO BE TRIUMPH THE INSULT DOG! Wednesday, September 3, 2008 – [...]

One-star reviews of Paul of Dune already being deleted on Amazon

SandChigger | September 19, 2008

Surprise, surprise, huh? Kevin and Byron won’t mention that in “blogs” or on the BBS, but they will tell you that PoD is #303 in books on Amazon, and #4 in Science Fiction books there. Whoo-hee-weeeeeeee! Tweet

Animated GIFs are SO KEWL!

SandChigger | September 2, 2008

Or at least Kevin and the HLP moo(lah?) cows seem to think so. (Well, at least one of them.) Here’s the Paul of Dune one from that Dumb Novels BBS thread and Kevin’s MySpace page that has been fixed by Jacurutu member GamePlayer: Now THAT‘s cool. Tweet