“A mild and moist fruit”: Kevin all wet in Costa Rica

SandChigger | November 28, 2008

And on and on it goes. Plenty of excruciating detail about what brand of feminine hygiene product ‘Becca uses (OK, not really, I just made that up!), but the only Dune in the “Dune Blog” is in the fucking title. It’s starting to be pretty funny now, when you think about how the stupid Herberts [...]

Like shit through the chute: KJA passes through the Panama Canal

SandChigger | November 25, 2008

If you have the slightest doubt as to why the thing pisses me off so, go have a look at Kevin’s latest post on the so-called “Dune Blog” on Dumb Novels dot com. There is absolutely nothing in it about Dune or Frank Herbert or even “the other guy” (the one that writes these new [...]

Franchise Pirate takes to the High Seas!

SandChigger | November 22, 2008

If you were wondering why Kevin has been so quiet on the blawg front for the last two weeks or so (I was, in a mildly disinterested “I wonder if he has died, too?” sort of way), well, wonder no more! It turns out he’s been cruising. (Hmm…why does that make me think of Al [...]

Taking clueless and…well, just stupid…to a new level…

SandChigger | November 19, 2008

THIS is a true gem. Remember what I’m always saying about the new “Dune” books being appreciated most by the illiterate? This guy is worse than TAZ even! Andrew Ian Dodge, self-described “writer, computer games consultant & rocker” … THIS IS YOUR BITE! I’m gonna be naughty and copy his whole “review” verbatim, but you [...]

Look at me! Tribute from a Chigger-fan!

SandChigger | November 18, 2008

Thanks again to Simon (bar Simple) for posting this and making me aware of loco arnie’s latest fixation. (There are no less than four variations of this among his images.) Gawd, I just LOVE the attention, because that’s what I am, an attention whore. As Wilde pointed out, the only thing worse than being talked [...]

So…what next?

SandChigger | November 8, 2008

Paul of Dune is out and stinks even worse than we expected, and we’ve slagged it off pretty good now…so…where do we go next? It’ll be a year before Jessica of Dune comes out…. I have not managed to finish either chapter-by-chapter dissection here of Hunters or Sandworms, so I’m not going to even bother [...]

Another candidate for most clueless review

SandChigger | November 7, 2008

Here’s another gem. Guy gives it four out of five stars. Pros: A worthy pastiche; with each book, the son approaches the father’s skill. Cons: This arc will contain four books. Will Dune ever end? The Bottom Line: An excellent scifi adventure set in the universe of the best Sci Fi saga ever. You gotta [...]