So how does it feel? – An Open Letter to Byron Merritt

SandChigger | December 27, 2008

So, Byron … I’ve been wondering. You had and were reading an ARC of Paul of Dune a month before the book was released. You told people over on the Dune Novels BBS that you thought it was the “best thing that Kevin and your uncle had written yet”. Since nothing in Kevin’s blogs about [...]

Jessica of Dune now available for pre-order on

SandChigger | December 27, 2008

Here’s a link to the page. The discussion forums are open, but not the reviews yet. 220 days and counting. Tweet

Byron (and Pretards): Learn to fucking read already

SandChigger | December 15, 2008

Back in November of last year, the boardadmin over on Dumb Novels started off the suck-up “God Emperor of Dune (Let’s Review)” thread with this post: To back up what Brian and Kevin are writing about, here are some words from God Emperor of Dune which could help clarify the possibility of a more powerful [...]

No Dune to be found yet again on the “Dune Blog”

SandChigger | December 13, 2008

But if you’re looking for a photo-calendar of the Colorado Mountains, with what I am sure are inspirational texts (“original writing, personal stories about our experiences in the mountains”) by everyone’s favorite Hiking Hack SciFi Writer Kevin J. Anderson and his brother-in-law Tim (“T. Duren Jones”…gawd, that’s rugged, wot?) , well then rush right on [...]

The “Jes’ Icky ‘n’ Dumb” Cover Illustration T-shirt Contest!

SandChigger | December 11, 2008

Follow that? To enter, just create, upload somewhere, and link to your version of a cover illustration for Jessica of Dune before The Hack & Company reveal Stephen Youll’s official “real grabber”. We’ll have a vote either here in the comments or over on Jacurutu to choose the winner(s?). Prizes will be your illustration on [...]


SandChigger | December 6, 2008

They’re starting the hard sell and showing the trailers for the “reimagining” of the classic The Day The Earth Stood Still more and more now as the December 19 release date (in Japan) approaches, and I just caught one that started out with a little clip of Tokyo Tower dissolving and collapsing, like the stadium [...]

Muslims in Future Space!

SandChigger | December 5, 2008

Found this site while surfing about this evening: Islam and Science Fiction A Website on Islam, Muslims and Science Fiction Have only had a bit of a browse around thus far, but could be interesting. Tweet