KJA: “Brian and I are short-sighted idiots.”

SandChigger | February 28, 2009

OK, he didn’t really say or write exactly those words. But that’s the gist. In a new post on his MySpace blog, Kevin has announced that he and Bobo are changing the title of Jessica of Dune “after brainstorming together”. Nothing good ever comes of those two “minds” meeting, and this is just another prime [...]

It’s hard to check your dictionary when hiking…

SandChigger | February 27, 2009

Or while jetsetting back and forth from New York. Or maybe that’s just what he wants us to think. Anyway, looks like another serendipshitty verbal blunder from word-slinging best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson. I was just clicking through Kevin’s page over on MySpace to see if there were any new entries on his blog (there [...]

Announcing C.H. Tabr! (The New ‘Keen is Dead!)

SandChigger | February 26, 2009

With the old Arrakeen board no longer available for content pillaging (Salute, Edric!), admins KantAuliye/HypatIrulan have decided to throw in the towel and change the name of their abortive board: This counts as a win, biatches. Tweet

The New Arrakeen: Like Waff in Hunters & Sandworms

SandChigger | February 23, 2009

In other words, from what I’m hearing, it’s like an imperfect ghola with a memory that’s faulty because (according to McDuniverse rules) it was rushed to maturity too fast by impatient Honored Matre bitches. Still not proof positive, of course, but it makes me wonder all the more if my “One Year Death Party” announcement [...]


SandChigger | February 22, 2009

Dayum. When ole Gramma C.’s sight kicks in, it don’t mess around! As you may know, I’ve been planning an “Arrakeen is Dead!” party here on the blog for the 26th and 27th of the month. A while back an idea popped into my head and it just wouldn’t go away. So I posted about [...]

Perceptive piece on the new Dune movie, McDune…

SandChigger | February 22, 2009

At “Troll in the Corner”, here. Tweet

Gabby all of a sudden, isn’t he?

SandChigger | February 11, 2009

Kevin has deposited two more steamers on the so-called “Dune Blog” since the announcement of his new career in songwriting. The first was just more drooling over himself about The Edge of the World (a.k.a. “World History 102 ‘The Age of Exploration’ as Regurgitated from the Creative Maw of a Hack Fantasy Writer”), the second [...]