Um … I’m the liar?

SandChigger | April 30, 2009

So … it has been brought to my attention that Kevin posted the following on his “Special Forces” site in a thread about my recent incursion there (last Friday in the wee hours, my time): even though he hacked in, he still had to check the boxes that said he liked my work. I guess [...]

“Critical Darling” Le Guin wins Nebula for Best Novel

SandChigger | April 29, 2009

Ah, poor Kevin J. Anderson! How must he have felt sitting there in the audience in his tux as they read that one off? I hope it fucking burned. “I don’t like every writer’s style; for instance, I have never been able to get through Ursula LeGuin, China Mieville, or Iain Banks, all of whom [...]

Wrappers for Shit

SandChigger | April 29, 2009

The Hack of Dune has posted the covers for the US (Tor Books) and UK (Simon & Schuster) editions of Jessica’s Winds. The US cover shows the usual lack of artistry (as befits the shit inside), with the cover illustration too small within a ghastly purple bottom half (the top half is black this time), [...]

Riddle Time! What does “JFCOAPRAFSDTGC!” stand for?!

SandChigger | April 21, 2009

So, reportedly, over on C-H Tabrrr Kantele (who is Hypatia, as she herself admitted a while back) posted the above and then explained: Don’t ask me what the above alphabet soup stands for; if it were within the forum rules to write it in English, I would have done so. OK, so she has given [...]

Not even going through the motions now

SandChigger | April 19, 2009

Kevin has racked up four new posts on his blahg on Wordfire but Uncle Mike hasn’t even bothered linking to them from the index page on the Dune Novels site. (Of course, none of the new blahgs have anything at all to do with Dune, but when has that ever stopped them reposting content on [...]

Desert Time Again

SandChigger | April 17, 2009

I’ve been feeling out of sorts and getting really pissed off lately so it’s looking like time for a break. Ciao. Tweet

Dictahiker meets microblogging!

SandChigger | April 11, 2009

Dictahiking … that’s my new term for what Kevin does. Like it? Here, at last, is a truly revealing Twit from The Twat: TheKJA Microblogging is teaching me how to be brief. Next novel