The merits of Merritt on general & Dune canon

SandChigger | September 15, 2009

In the self-introduction thread “HEY, DUNE FANS” started by new Dumb Novels dimwit “Xianghua” (“Nebiros, think you could get SandChigger to join here??”), board admin Byron Merritt continues to expound his views on canon in general and Dune canon in particular… Here’s why I think DUNE is a bit different in terms of canon vs. [...]

Michael Bay to replace Peter Berg as Dune director!

SandChigger | September 11, 2009

Now THAT’s the news I’m waiting for! I had every faith in Peter Berg’s ability to fuck up a cinematic adaptation of Dune completely (“muscular … adventure story”), but even his jerkycam expertise in shitting it up would pale before that of Michael Bay. BAY FOR DUNE! BAY FOR DUNE! BAY FOR DUNE! Come on, [...]