No, you can’t be a na’vi. Period.

SandChigger | December 27, 2009

First off, they don’t exist. Second, even if they were real, it’s rather improbable that human DNA could be mixed with their genetic material to produce a viable hybrid “avatar”. Third, there’s no such thing as a human soul, so “you” couldn’t transfer to a human-na’vi hybrid even if one could be grown. Neither the [...]

About those “Inama Nushif” lyrics again…

SandChigger | December 26, 2009

Was checking out the latest idiocies over on the DumbNovels BBS and noticed that a new member (Youngest_Atreides) had this in his/her signature: Ay-yah idare Adamm malum It kinda sorta looks familiar, but isn’t really any language I could recognize. So I did the logical thing and googled it. The top hit was INAMA NUSHIF [...]