Final Notice from Kevin J. Anderson!

SandChigger | February 20, 2010

From: Kevin J. Anderson Subject: Final Notice SandChigger Date: February 20, 2010 7:48:06 AM JST SandChigger this is your last chance to purchase a Superstars Writing Seminars ticket for only $549 — That’s more than half off the price of $1,199, which is what you’d pay at the door, and even $200 below our best [...]

Inama Nushif Fremen Lyrics: Update

SandChigger | February 19, 2010

On February 16th, I sent off an email to one of the contact addresses on Bryan Tyler’s website, inquiring about the source of the Fremen lyrics for this song. So far I have received no acknowledgement (automatic or otherwise) or response. Stay tuned! Tweet

And The Winner of the Free Admission To Superstars Writing Seminars Is…

SandChigger | February 16, 2010

Before I announce the winner, let me tell you that we hated to pick just one person so we’ve decided to give a special opportunity to everyone who entered and expressed an interest in our seminar. If you didn’t win a free ticket for admission to the Superstars Writing Seminar, we’ll still give you a [...]

Why SciFiCool isn’t.

SandChigger | February 12, 2010

In a news bit entitled “Dune Gets A Script Writer Fixer“, SciFiCool’s Endymion writes, The book is dense and chock full of witches and wicked battles, religion and ginormous sand worms that either barf or poop a substance that makes you immortal and completely blue eyed. It’s hot on Dune or Arrakis and so expect [...]

Out of the closet at last!

SandChigger | February 12, 2010

For those of you who were wondering if that “Master of Universes” image was real or not, wonder no longer! I give you… The New Improved Wordfire, Inc. My God! It’s simply … FABulous! He and ‘Becca have obviously had a crack team of webwizards slaving away on this update, night and day! And yes, [...]

Like this, STUPID!

SandChigger | February 12, 2010

“Are we on? … OK. … Doot-doot-do. … Oh … Wow. … Hmm-hmm. … So… Ah-hah! … So, we had what constitutes a fairly heavy snow for this part of the country … so … I decided I would come out … with my recorder!” “OK. Here’s the real point of hiking in the snow [...]

If his head gets any bigger, it’ll explode

SandChigger | February 5, 2010

A picture (or in this case, header image file) is worth a thousand words: Master of Universes? Impressive. But it begs the question: How far up his own ass can one man’s head go? Tweet