And God created idiot heirs to milk the legacy

SandChigger | August 21, 2010

Are there even words for this level of stupidity and disrespect? If there are, I don’t know them. Tweet

The Russian mafia has kidnapped me…

SandChigger | August 16, 2010

And is making me post blogs about Erectile Dysfunction and penal implants! Penal implants? Huh?! Isn’t that, like, a reverse on the jokes from the courtroom scene in The Kentucky Fried Movie? The Russian comment spammers have been really busy here lately, and the messages have been pretty funny for the most part (and the [...]

Star Challengers Book Series & Website

SandChigger | August 7, 2010

Well, you would have thought from the way Kevin J. Anderson has been Tweeting and blogging over the last (year? but particularly these last) few months about ALL the work he and wife & main writing partner Rebecca Moesta have been doing on their new Star Challengers book series, that they would be tripping over [...]

Kindle SMELLHOLE: Odors of ASS and FAIL Already

SandChigger | August 7, 2010

Was just checking out the Amazon pages for upcoming books and noticed this on the Kindle version page for Hellhole: Whether this new fuck-up is ultimately the responsibility of Amazon, or Simon & Schuster, or some other party really doesn’t matter; it just adds that extra little special something to the developing image of this [...]

McDune Fans Are Peeing Themselves Over Sisterhood!

SandChigger | August 5, 2010

Richard Espinachio: New Dune Books about the formation of the Bene Gesserit! It makes me have to pee I am so excited! Yesterday at 6:30 am Good gawd, man, get a grip. Or at least clench! But thank Heaven ER nurse and (evidently) animal-trainer-wannabe Byron Merritt was on hand: Byron Merritt: Just don’t do it [...]

Someone else who gets it!

SandChigger | August 5, 2010

Kind words for the blog & site from Pants McCracky: Gold Diggers of Dune, on tl;dr a weblog about stuff. Posted on July 8. Since I don’t generally google myself (well, OK, not that much, not really), I hadn’t seen this at all. Thanks to Mr Teg for the heads-up, over on Jacurutu. Tweet