“fandom nitpicking at it worse”

SandChigger | May 18, 2011

Some named Lucy used the feedback form in the Dune Encyclopedia section of the website to send me this yesterday (my time): I don’t really think your criticism of the lyrics to Inama Nushif is really fair. For one, this is a totally fictitious work.The contemporary linguists were only trying to come up with as [...]

Remember Vendetta?

SandChigger | May 14, 2011

Did he ever come back and make good on this: I intend to annihilate your rant about the problems with the new book in an up coming post. Did he come by and “annihilate” my post and I just miss it? Or did he just limp off back into Internet anonymity with his head and [...]

Kevin’s butt cheeks, revisited

SandChigger | May 14, 2011

There’s some really weird stuff shows up in the access logs, showing how people end up here. This month alone, three searches for “kevins butt cheeks” ended up on this post from July 2008, which tops the hits list. Along with the truly bizarre (“lowered sperm hairy crock”, “arabic hairy”, “riddles about ticks” and “hairy [...]

Which book first? (An all-play survey question)

SandChigger | May 11, 2011

So what do you think? Which book should be first, and why? A Dune Encyclopedia An Unauthorized Dune Concordance Choice of titles on this one: (a) The Dune: House Atreides Companion or (b) The SandChigger Companion to Dune: House Atreides Or do you have other suggestions? (And if you think I’m kidding about these… think [...]

Dictahiking revisited? THE CHALLENGE!

SandChigger | May 10, 2011

It all started with this Tweet… mshamah (Mozy Shamah) @TheKJA do you write/outline as you hike? think and then stop to write it down? write at the end, afterwards? #intriguedmindswouldliketoknow 8 hours ago To which The Hack replied: TheKJA (Kevin J Anderson) @mshamah I’ve always dictated my fiction as I hike, after careful outlining. Today, [...]