Kirkus Reviews says Sisterhood of Dune “drones” flatly

Posted By SandChigger on December 23, 2011

At the end of a review posted back on November 15 (Did KJA cum over himself about this one on Twitter? Or as usual did he just ignore another ambivalent review?), after basically recapping the cover blurb, Kirkus Reviews writes

Characters and plot are thus beautifully set up, the timing is precise; alas that the prose drones in the usual flat, affectless manner, while the characters for the most part lack personality and distinction.


McDune, sure, but the universe conceived by Frank Herbert is so vast, complex and fascinating that the magic lingers, and even Herbert-Anderson detractors will be hard put to resist the allure.

Please. It’s shit. Even you just used “McDune” to describe it!

This crap has nothing to do with Frank Herbert’s work. The only thing DUNE about this is the word appearing on the title.

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4 Responses to “Kirkus Reviews says Sisterhood of Dune “drones” flatly”

  1. Tleilax Master B says:

    Nice, glad to see the term “McDune” still being used! Funny how those idiots like to conveniently skip certain aspects of reviews.

    “This book is a steaming pile of crap whose stench is so great it is nauseating!” becomes “This book……is..great……”. Pathetic.

    Happy Holidays BTW!

  2. Nekhrun says:

    He used McDune! That’s a win!

  3. Cro-Mags says:

    “…the magic lingers…”
    So basically, any fleeting value to be found would be from the residual quality of the setting and characters, and even that is dissipating as they milk it dry.

    Somethings lingering, and it smells like shit.

  4. Mandy says:

    They actually used “McDune”? That is awesome.

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