Got any questions for Kevin?

Posted By SandChigger on December 30, 2011

Anyone got any questions you want me to be sure to try to ask KJA at either of the upcoming Dayton or Cincinnati book tour events? (I’ll be attending both.) Use the comments section below to let me know!

Also include any ideas about how I should ask him to sign my copy of Sisterhood of Dune.

As TAZ used to say… GOOD TIMES!!!

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6 Responses to “Got any questions for Kevin?”

  1. Nekhrun says:

    I wonder if it would be worth asking him why he doesn’t answer our questions, but I’m sure we’d just hear the same old shit about none of his answers being good enough. Which knowing him, they wouldn’t be; they’d most likely be lies and excuses.

    How about:

    Kevin, do you feel that authors who work with characters who are not their own owe any type of respect or loyalty to the original?

    Again, it doesn’t matter what his answer would be because he’s full of shit.

  2. SadisticCynic says:

    I reckon that if he knows you’re SandChigger, and you ask him to sign the book, he’ll totally misinterpret it.

    “Oh, I guess even the haters have some kind of grudging respect for my work.”

  3. SandChigger says:

    Nah, I doubt even he could be that delusional. :lol:

  4. Tleilax Master B says:

    Ask him at what stage of decay does Frank’s corpse have to be before those two idiots finally stop raping it.

    But seriously, ask him what he thinks the “one real” inconsistency is that he eludes to but refuses to reveal. That should be worth a laugh.

  5. SadisticCynic says:

    Even better, ask him “Is it ‘insert inconsistency’? No? OK, is it ‘insert another inconsistency’? No? …” and so on. That way, you get to keep mentioning inconsistencies when he doesn’t admit to them!

  6. gurensan says:

    I think y’all should just ask him “What’s Dune about?” and see what he says. I’ll bet he’ll start rambling on about Darth Vader and the forest gnomes.

    I know if I ever met him in an elevator it would be the only words I’d speak to him.

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