Sisterhood of Dune Synopsis

Posted By SandChigger on January 1, 2012

I’ll be updating the chapter-by-chapter synopsis for Sisterhood of Dune as I begin reading through the thing in earnest today. Comment here on this post or via the contact form, please!

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  1. Cro-Mags says:

    Thanks for reading this so I don’t have to. I decided a while ago to avoid these books. But the rubbernecker in me loves to see how bad it is from a safe distance.

  2. SandChigger says:

    It’s turning out to be really hard this time, because I really HATED the Legends books, and this thing is not only based on those books, but it rehashes a lot of stuff, as expected. :roll:

    Frank Herbert told us so little about Duniverse prehistory that you’d think it would be difficult to fuck it up… but they still manage. :(

  3. ShieldingMatrix says:

    Ok, I. Bought, I Read, I question my two prior decisions…..

    Forgetting a lot of stupid stuff like, Gilburtus can’t figure out where his star pupil will go with the location of Omnius’s ship yard, and Dr. Zhoma figures that before she wins the Emperor’s confidence she should poison him with her first prescription, which he would never think to have analyzed….

    Where do the Butlerians get their money? Who’s funding their operations, and feeding shiploads of followers? What are the economics, what are the motivations, who gives them time off? What kind of depressed young woman says she’s ready to ‘take poison and die’ in the vain attempt to become a RM? “They tried and failed? “No they tried and died…”

    I’m sorry to say that I’ve read all of the McDune novels, and always come away unsatisfied because they uniformly miss the mark. They are adventure in my favorite universe, but without being meaningful adventures. The motivations of the characters are wooden, and without any real depth.

    I’m particularly disappointed at the failure to explore in any meaningful way the Butlerians as an analogue of today’s religious extremism, both Christian and Muslim, and that the Mentat school simply turned out intelligent automatons instead of thinkers, who while they might serve any master, harbored more nuanced views then those that they revealed.

    I guess writing a good book takes more than having a nice universe to play in, and a few plot threads to fool with.

    Lastly, I’m ok with Norma Cenva being able to Foldspace as a physic act. But I hope this power is hers alone.


  4. SandChigger says:

    Achlan wasachlan!

    I’m having trouble even skimming this one, so hats (or jubba hoods?) off to you for already having read through it! (I guess I kinda lost interest when I saw how they copped out on the CET venue. Didn’t even have the balls to acknowledge that we were right about it being held on the Hawaiian Islands! Bastards! Plus seeing The Mediocrity in person last weekend has kinda taken the wind from my traps. :lol: )

    Nice point about the economics of jihad. And what kind of ships are they using to get around in? I saw where there’s some rival of the Venports called Celestial Transport, but what kind of ships are they using? Spacefolders or the old Vroom-Vroom FLT bullshitters from the Legends books?

    I guess there are still questions to look for the answers to… ;)

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