Vader’s Fisters are lubing up ass, I mean, AS we speak…

Posted By SandChigger on January 2, 2012

Poor Kevin.

Does he feel he needs these asshats around, or does he just lack the balls to tell them to fuck off?

Or, best of all, does he really really really think they’re cool?!

Oh Holy Maker, I do hope that’s it!


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3 Responses to “Vader’s Fisters are lubing up ass, I mean, AS we speak…”

  1. Nekhrun says:

    There’s no way it doesn’t feed his ego. He’d not turn one of these pizza-loving-plastic-suit-wearing douche bags away unless it was something from which he could profit.

    Hey, that’s a good idea! Steve needs to start charging these loads for the honor of guarding his comb-overness.

  2. lotek says:

    “bring your camera if you’d like pictures”

    Was it the hack who wrote that article too ?

    “bring your pen if you’d like to wr…” nah that doesn’t work the hack doesn’t write, words leap out of his mouth…

  3. gurensan says:

    I spilled badly-mixed kamikaze on Timothy Zahn in an elevator once. I was *really* hammered. The 501st were in attendance… does that count?

    This was the ad for that pic posted over on jacurutu, wasn’t it?

    TBH, I went looking for SW books by Kieth over at a local BN recently… there were none to be found. It’s somewhat disconcerting that the only KJA books I could find were McDune.

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