Brian Herbert says Navigators fold space?

Posted By SandChigger on January 4, 2012

In a video posted on Suvudu by Shawn “Suck-up” Speakman, Brian Herbert discusses the upcoming books in the Great Schools trilogy and says,

“And again we have the Navigators can mu… they’re mutated and they can fold space and they encompass the entire universe in their mind.” (Around 2:39)

Oh really? This must be one of those “secret” facts about the Dune universe that Shitterhood is supposed to reveal.

(He also goes on to plug his new Bible history rewrite and other FAILS.)

Addenda: This is gold:

9:25 “Kevin is a physicist. He worked at Los Alamos, at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.”

Yeah… but AS A TECHNICAL WRITER. Fucking hell. WAY to edit reality, Brian!

10:30 Brian tells about KJA deleting one of his chapters in House Atreides so he rewrote and reinserted it and KJA didn’t notice.

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22 Responses to “Brian Herbert says Navigators fold space?”

  1. D Pope says:

    Leto the God Emperor is an ailien?
    I got as far as brian telling about how kevie gets an idea at the same time he gets a fax from brian… If brian really is the mastermind, he could take over the world.

  2. Tleilax Master B says:

    Well, awesome. The Guild could save lots of $$ by just tossing out those useless Holtzman generators. What a couple of tools.

    BTW, if the navigators can fold space on their own, why the fuck did we have to get subjected to that idiot “Tio Holtzman” in the Legends serious (of course Uncle Holtzman was just taking credit for the magic power of ol’ Norma jean.) If you are going to just make shit up, please do in such a way that requires less reading on my part….

  3. Omphalos says:

    I meant to go back and make a list of all of the inaccuracies, fuck ups, overstatements and seat-of-his-pants bullshit BH gave in that a talk, but I got bored and said “fuck it”. Hanks for taking the laboring oar.

  4. Dom says:

    These days, if I’m asked what my favourite literary science fiction series is (this doesn’t happen often, obviously ;) ) I say Revelation Space.

    If I’m specific, I’d still say Frank Herbert’s Dune, but Brian and Kevin have so damaged the standing of Dune now, reducing it to a bloated, diluted, derivative trash scifi series that I find it hard to love any of it anymore. It’s sad, because I remember thinking, as I finished Chapterhouse: Dune that I would love to read a ‘Dune 7′ if they could get a great science fiction writer to tackle it.

    But not this…

    How could a son so desecrate (or allow to be desecrated) his father’s work, clearly with no knowledge of the source material? It’s very sad.

  5. JustSomeGuy says:

    Very sad.

  6. Nekhrun says:

    Looks like Brian’s not alone. antonio over on DN is now making the same claim that Navigators are superhuman and can alter physical reality by folding space and move faster than light.

  7. Tleilax Master B says:

    Well, shit, if the crap these two idiots put out can be argued to be canon, then why not the David Lynch movie–which is where those morons are getting that idea I suspect…..

    It still pisses me off that I have to read their shitty back story on Holtzman and Norma and then they can’t even remember what they wrote. It’s pathetic when you can’t even keep your own bullshit straight…..

    BTW, Chig, did you go to any of the KJA events and give him hell??

  8. SandChigger says:

    I went to the Dayton and Cincinnati signings with KJA…

    I really need to blog and post about them, but I’ve been busy with my own stuff and, honestly, too dispirited by the whole experience to bother.

    KJA is just a little mediocrity who’s happened to hit it big, purely by luck and by no means through his own talent and effort. He was just the schmuck in the right place at the right time.

    Meaning, the wrong place and time for the Dune franchise and FH’s legacy. :(

  9. Tleilax Master B says:

    Well, when your spirits return, inquiring minds would like to hear what happened…… :)

  10. sandwurm8888 says:

    dude you should update this shit more often. you putdowns of kja are the most creative on the internet…my personal favorite was The Edge of the World being called The Wedgie of the Oiled….

  11. Sardaukar Capt says:

    I think BH has multiple personalities sometimes. In the new editions of the original Dune books where he has a forward talking about that particular work and his father, he goes into great detail about the time and research his father put into the works. All the layers to the stories and the subtext he created with the brilliant knowledge gaps. Frank Herbert as a goal in his writing wanted to create this amazing subtext that he left largely unexplained on purpose and in a lot of ways he never explained much of it going forward in all 6 of his books because he wanted to spark the readers imagination to finish that underlying story in their minds. He knew that is what made great fiction and kept people coming back to a work over and over.

    BH seems to acknowledge all these in those varies forwards in FH’s Dune books but then he turns around and turns Dune into a puppy-mill with KJA. All they do is mine this subtext Frank eluded to then they go about trying to explain every bit of it in 5th grader detail leaving ZERO to the readers imagination.

    And while that would be crap reading, its not enough for them evidently. Now they have to ret-con established canon to try and fill these crap books because they have ZERO imagination on their own.

    It’s really pathetic. And what this says about Frank’s other children that they just seem to want the money that KJA has reaped for them by turning Dune into the garbage that Star Wars as become, is pretty disturbing. Makes you wonder if their 3 kids really loved Frank and Bev with what they’ve done to the legacy.

  12. Dom says:

    I see Shitterhood of Dune on has the usual sycophants giving rave reviews. I found none of them helpful!

  13. Tleilax Master B says:

    Has anyone heard from chiggy chig lately? KJA didn’t have him abducted and fitted with a pair of cement shoes did he?

  14. SandChigger says:

    Nah, I’m still alive, just piddling around, working on my house and planting stuff in the yard.

    I guess meeting KJA at the signings (I attended two but only really “met” him at the second) in January and seeing firsthand what a pointless mediocrity he really is just kinda took the wind out of my sails. :(

    It’s going to take a fairly major new offense to get me revved up again! I’m sure that together, KJA and the Idiot Herbert Heirs have got at least a few more of those in them! :D

  15. Tleilax Master B says:

    No shit. I’m still waiting for the 3 volume set that focuses on the history of the Bene Tleilax. I’ll go freaking postal…….

  16. Tleilax Master B says:

    Damn, now that I think about it, my mother and stepfather both retired from Lawrence Livermore, and I live in New Mexico and have done work at Los Alamos many times. I’ve probably missed many golden opportunities to take that hack out :(

  17. Fester says:

    I found this website by googling “Brian Herbert will get such a smack”. Can’t tell you all how happy reading the archives have made me, as it’s beyond my ability to describe.

  18. omphalos says:

    I miss this blog. I miss the bug.

  19. Tleilax Master B says:

    Me too.

  20. Dom says:

    One year since the last post! :(

    Happy New Year folks! :)

  21. Tleilax Master B says:

    Chiggy, chiggy, chiggy!!!??!! Come back to us!

  22. omphalos says:



    Olley, olley, all are free!

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