About SandChigger

SandChigger is a bug.

A PITA, according to some.

Learn more by reading here. (Self-discovery isn’t the only worthwhile journey!)

Actually, SandChigger is an alias used by me, Ronald J. Craig, when doing Dune-related things online. There’s another SandChigger out there, named Bryce, who used the name a long time before I started doing so—and who still uses it, as a matter of fact. I began using it a few years ago during what appeared to be a lull in his online activity. (At least, when I searched around, I didn’t see many recent posts by him, and his Live Journal page hadn’t been updated in a while….) So be careful that you’ve got the right SandChigger.

I’ll fill in more details as I think of them. This will do for now.

(And a big hello to Donna & any other dimwits from the “could a ‘Pandora’ actually exist?” discussion thread in the Avatar group on Facebook! XXX)

19 Responses to “About SandChigger”

  1. Carlos Santillan (aka cmsahe) says:

    Hi Ronald! I didn’t know about the other SandChigger! One learns new things everyday!

    I like your comments and reviews on Amazon

    Best Regards,
    Carlos Santillan

  2. Eyes High says:

    Glad I can post again. Thanks for the fix.

  3. Askaris de DAR says:

    Hey buddy !

    Did you see that ? http://sandchiggerofdune.blogspot.com/
    It’s so slanderous ! You should sue those pigs !

  4. Omphalos says:

    What was that link, Joseph? It’s gone now.

  5. SandChigger says:

    (It was the hate blog “someone” made with my name & pix a while back.)

  6. akkbar says:

    hey man, I found this blog while googling about the dune 7 outline that may or may not exist. I was just thinking… I am not a fan of the new novels either. I felt like they were not anywhere near the same quality of Frank’s work and they didnt seem at all what the story was supposed to be. It seemed far too suspicious that the machines are the unknown enemy.

    Therefore, my point is this… are you guys trying to get Brian Herbert and the publisher to publish the original outline? Thats what I want to see more than anything.

  7. SandChigger says:

    Hi, akkbar. Yeah, we’d really like to see that outline (if it exists). Of course, as much BS as they’ve slung around over the last decade, even if they do publish it, there will be doubts as to whether it’s real or complete, etc.

    As long as the hack Anderson is involved, it probably won’t be published. When Brian mentioned something about releasing the outline at one of their appearances (last year or the year before?), KJA “joked” that they couldn’t do that because “the fans would use it against us!” There’s no goodwill there at all with respect to fans of Frank Herbert.

  8. Lawliet says:

    Hey SandChigger. Nice blog. As far as i’m corcerned, Brian and Anderson have only brought shame to the name Dune. Can’t believe Brian is a bestselling author.
    PS : The blog could use an update, it looks like a website from 1999 or 2000.
    Best regards.

  9. SandChigger says:

    Marhaba, wa shukran! :)

    I bet Brian can’t believe he’s a best-selling author, either, ha ha!

    1999 or 2000? How rude! :lol:

    I’ll take that to mean it has a retro feel, and be self-satisfied. LOL

  10. D Pope says:

    Good Day SandChigger! Thank you very much for the job you’ve done here!

  11. inhuien says:

    I’ll take that to mean it has a retro feel, and be self-satisfied. LOL

    Well you shouldn’t, I demand more spamy flash shite, at once. Take you’re inspiration from DN, the fattest of pipes chokes on that chugfest. Now off with you, find you’re Muse, moos, Muse.

  12. SandChigger says:

    ACH! Peep doon arready, yew roody whoosit!


  13. Stunned says:

    Wow – I just stumbled upon your site. I am stunned that you actually stalk and denigrate 2 writers on a daily basis. Really?? I don’t think anyone is holding a gun to your head and making you read these books. I’m not sure why you are so mean spirited – but perhaps if you went out and did something for another human being you might feel better about yourself and not need to act like a scared bully. I always feel better when I put my anger towards something positive.

  14. SandChigger says:

    Oh, go get roughly fucked, you pissy little whiner. I’m not “stalking” anyone by commenting on what is published PUBLICLY on the Web.

    You ended up here searching for “Stormworld by Brian Herbert”. I really couldn’t give a shit less about the other guy (Bruce…what was it again?) writing this newest shit with Herbert. In fact, I DON’T give a shit about the book at all. My only interest is how it shows HOW FAR BRIAN HERBERT HAS FALLEN. HA HA! Frank Herbert’s son reduced to Print-On-Demand publishing IN A COFFEE SHOP! Now THAT is JUSTICE!

    So grab your enflamed butt-hurt in both hands and take it somewhere where someone cares. Dumbass.

  15. Pleased says:

    I came upon your site while trying to find out why The Ascension Factor is not nearly as good a book as all the others in that series- ¿did Frank Herbert get into the actual writing? It’s been a disappointing read so far. Upsetting, really. Kind of like (but nowhere near as bad as) the time I read Dune: House Atreides.

    ¡Man, I remember seeing that book for the very first time! I felt so excited… it’s difficult to describe just how I felt. I felt like, “This book doesn’t have to be great; I will enjoy it.” I felt good. I felt really good. It was a joyous occasion. Something like that.

    I read the book.

    You know, there are things in life that you can never take back, things that stay with you and haunt you, twist you with regret… ¿Why did I have to read that book? ¿Why did I think the second book would be any different? I remember throwing it down in disgust and thinking, “¡Never again!” ¿Why then, did I attempt to read Hunters of Dune? So stupid…

    ¿How could anyone like those awful, horrible books? ¿What’s wrong with people? ¿Why do they keep writing them? ¿Can’t they see they’re no good? ¿¡How can they not see!?

    I could go on and on, but ¿what’s the point? They’ll keep writing their shitty books and people will keep reading them.

    I like your site.

  16. Shepherd492 says:

    Hey, I just found your site today, and I’m really liking the stuff I’ve read so far. I’m just getting into the Dune books (finished Dune, nearly finished with Messiah), and I came across this site as I was looking for information on the new “works”. While I will still probably subject myself to reading through them (for the good of my review blog!), it’s good to get a bit of advance warning :P

    As a token of my sincerity, are you aware that Official Dune posted birthday wishes to Frank Herbert yesterday….a date which wasn’t actually his birthday? Seems par for the course based on what I’ve read here, but it entertained me nonetheless.

  17. SandChigger says:

    Achlan wasachlan! :)

    Yeah, that gaff was mentioned on Jacurutu yesterday. (sigh) The “Herberrits” (Herbert-Merritts) really are complete and total fuck-ups.

  18. Eyes High says:

    Hey stranger. How’s it going?

  19. SandChigger says:

    Meh. Same ole same ole. :)

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