A friend in an unexpected place?

SandChigger | December 23, 2010

The other night I was reading more of the Budayeen Nights collection of Marîd Audran stories by George Alec Effinger and happened upon another interesting tidbit with probable Dune connections. According to Barbara Hambly, who wrote the Foreword and introduction to each story, she commissioned and gave Effinger the idea for the story “Marîd and [...]

The Harkonnen “Booty-Meadow”

SandChigger | December 12, 2010

Again when their ghrazzu riders return with a booty, feyd or chessab, the women dance out with singing to meet them: … (I.452) We journeyed now in a plain desert of gritty sand, which is called Shaaba; beset with a world of trappy and smooth basalt bergs, so that we could not see far to [...]

His ighir citadel…

SandChigger | December 4, 2010

The other night I was replacing my chapter-marking PostIts in my paperback copy of Dune Messiah and as I was flipping through Chapter 12, this paragraph caught my eye: The immensity of this ighir citadel began to impress her. Passages…passages…They passed an open doorway from which emerged the sound of timbur and flute playing soft, [...]

The Etymology of “Gom Jabbar”, Part 2

SandChigger | April 16, 2010

Last Saturday I blogged about how stupid DuneNovels on Twitter looked simply reposting Khalid Baheyeldin’s partial explanation of the original Arabic source for “Gom Jabbar”. (He explains Jabbar, but not Gom.) I offered some speculation of my own on the origins of the mystery word, and concluded that “until ‘someone’ comes forward with something definitive [...]

An Ishtiqaq al-Ibara “Gom Jabbar”

SandChigger | April 10, 2010

Continuing their plagiarism of the Baheyeldin page, DuneNovels on Twitter posted the following on April 8: GOM JABBAR: Poison needle with meta-cyanide. Jabar variation -”Jabbar” (Arabic) = mighty; powerful. “Al Jabbar” is a name of God. As you can probably tell from that Twit, Khalid has commented only on the “jabbar” part of the term [...]

An Ishtiqaq al-Kalima “Qizara”

SandChigger | March 25, 2010

If, like Byron Merritt, you have spent any time poring over Khalid Baheyeldin’s Arabic and Islamic themes in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” webpage, you may have noticed his entry for Quizara Tafwid: Fremen priests (after Muad’Dib). The Arabic term Tafwid means “to delegate”. Well, actually tafwîḍ is a noun meaning, according to Wehr (p.732), “entrustment, commissioning; [...]