Sisterhood of Dune blurb rewritten by Harriet Klausner

SandChigger | November 23, 2011

Former Amazon No. 1 Review-Publisher Harriet Klausner has rewritten the plot summary blurb for Sisterhood of Dune and posted it on at least two blogs. (Which I won’t link to for obvious reasons.) Over eight decades ago, humanity defeated the tyrannical sentient cybernetics at the key Battle of Corrin. Debate rages over the use of [...]

Even Harriet Klausner disappointed with SMELLHOLE?!

SandChigger | January 10, 2011

Along with the review by KJASF member Shannon Preto, I also found this delicious little morsel on the Barnes & Noble site: Posted January 7, 2011, 5:08 PM EST: From the frontier aptly titled planet Hellhole, exiled rebel General Tiber Adolphus remains adamant with his opposition to the avarice plots of the Crown Jewel worlds [...]