You expected honesty?

SandChigger | July 13, 2010

The spin has begun. On the Official Dune page on Facebook: Official Dune: ALERT! The next DUNE novel will be entitled THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE and will likely be published in early 2012. Anyone who’s attended Brian Herbert’s and Kevin J. Anderson’s talks and signings knows they’ve been planning these books for a long time [...]

It’s official: The Sisterhood of Dune is the next McDune

SandChigger | July 12, 2010

HLP mouthpiece (info-anus) Kevin J. Anderson has FINALLY announced on Twitter what we all knew was coming: Brian Herbert & I spent most of last week brainstorming and outlining next Dune book, THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE. Polishing chapter outline now 39 minutes ago via web So it’s official. Shitty sales of the first two Heroes [...]

Smoke Gets In My … Ass: Reply to “Science Fiction Author” James C. Harwood

SandChigger | May 11, 2010

Congratulations Mr James C. Harwood, STRAIGHT science fiction author, currently unemployed and presumably sucking off the public teat in Norman, Oklahoma! You have successfully uncovered and publicized something which was never concealed and easily discoverable by any idiot who can use a search engine! Good for you! I would have replied sooner to the post [...]