Riddle Time! What does “JFCOAPRAFSDTGC!” stand for?!

SandChigger | April 21, 2009

So, reportedly, over on C-H Tabrrr Kantele (who is Hypatia, as she herself admitted a while back) posted the above and then explained: Don’t ask me what the above alphabet soup stands for; if it were within the forum rules to write it in English, I would have done so. OK, so she has given [...]

Hypatia finally admits on DN BBS that she is Kantele

SandChigger | April 7, 2009

And doesn’t even realize it. Really minor topic of interest, but it’s always amusing when this particular bint demonstrates just how big an idiot she really is. So, Chanilover switched his avatar over there to the one used by “Kantele” on C-H Tabr. The response was almost immediate: Hypatia: Chanilover, please address me and refer [...]

So MUCH Dune to Give: Kantele on GEoD

SandChigger | April 4, 2009

Over on the DN BBS, Kantele has finally given us a real taste of all that purported Dune knowledge she feels she has to contribute, and my but wasn’t it worth waiting for (emphasis added): Kantele wrote: Did I ever say that I think God Emperor of Dune would be a serious contender to be [...]