Got any questions for Kevin?

SandChigger | December 30, 2011

Anyone got any questions you want me to be sure to try to ask KJA at either of the upcoming Dayton or Cincinnati book tour events? (I’ll be attending both.) Use the comments section below to let me know! Also include any ideas about how I should ask him to sign my copy of Sisterhood [...]

First Sisterhood of Dune excerpt? (Who sharted?! Oh, KJA!)

SandChigger | November 24, 2011

In a post on his blahg yesterday ostensibly about the Sisterhood UK dustcover, KJA began with the following excerpt(?!): Today they were enduring another funeral for a dead Sister, one more tragic death from poison…another failure to create the second Reverend Mother. Crisis. Survival. Advancement. Raquella didn’t know how many more lives she could justify [...]

It don’t count as win if it don’t got that spin…do-whap do-whop dune flop!

SandChigger | November 21, 2011

In his Friday, November 18 post “First Review of SISTERHOOD OF DUNE”, Kevin J. Anderson proves again that he is not above putting his own spin on things to make them look better. He begins the post thus: Publishers Weekly gives Sisterhood of Dune a thumbs up, calling it a “fun blend of space opera [...]

Dictahiking revisited? THE CHALLENGE!

SandChigger | May 10, 2011

It all started with this Tweet… mshamah (Mozy Shamah) @TheKJA do you write/outline as you hike? think and then stop to write it down? write at the end, afterwards? #intriguedmindswouldliketoknow 8 hours ago To which The Hack replied: TheKJA (Kevin J Anderson) @mshamah I’ve always dictated my fiction as I hike, after careful outlining. Today, [...]

KJA & Dune in Arabic

SandChigger | March 24, 2011

When I was looking around on the DN BBS this morning for anything from ByrByr on the death of the Dune remake, I found this, from March 2, in a thread entitled “Dune in Arabic”: From Kevin J. Anderson: I was just a guest writer at the Sharjah International Book Fair in the United Arab [...]

The word is “interquel”, dumbass

SandChigger | July 16, 2010

Well, the spin-job wasn’t complete until Anderson had blahgged it, and now he has. Now that HELLHOLE is delivered and in production, Brian Herbert and I spent most of last week holed up together in intensive brainstorming for our next DUNE novel. Really? I suppose that begs the question of whose hole? Well, not really: [...]

Dictating + Hiking ≠ Writing

SandChigger | April 9, 2010

Never one to avoid repeating himself or reposting things in multiple locations (I like to liken this to a monkey smearing its shit all over the walls of its cage), KJA has repooped a stale loaf he originally pinched off for his CJ buds at Silly Fucking Wanky Assholes (SWFA), entitled “TALKING TO MYSELF”. If [...]