Another salvo from the Cunt of ‘Keen

SandChigger | March 1, 2011

Lazy-assed Canadian dole-slurper Hypatia has again responded (a month and a half later) to my reply to her bullshit back in mid-January: Hypatia, sent Today, 07:37 AM: SandChigger, on 18 January 2011 – 12:05 AM, said: Hypatia, on 17 January 2011 – 08:56 PM, said: I don’t care if they “bought” it or not. You [...]

This One’s Personal: Return of the Red Deer Cunt

SandChigger | January 18, 2011

Back in June of last year when I announced the Dune fan fiction contest over on FED2k, Hypatia waited about a week and posted this: Why, thank you for the invitation, SandChigger. What a shame it isn’t really open to everybody.. Her little fuckpet from the Arrakeen days, arnoldo, then chimed in with bullshit about [...]

Riddle Time! What does “JFCOAPRAFSDTGC!” stand for?!

SandChigger | April 21, 2009

So, reportedly, over on C-H Tabrrr Kantele (who is Hypatia, as she herself admitted a while back) posted the above and then explained: Don’t ask me what the above alphabet soup stands for; if it were within the forum rules to write it in English, I would have done so. OK, so she has given [...]

So MUCH Dune to Give: Kantele on GEoD

SandChigger | April 4, 2009

Over on the DN BBS, Kantele has finally given us a real taste of all that purported Dune knowledge she feels she has to contribute, and my but wasn’t it worth waiting for (emphasis added): Kantele wrote: Did I ever say that I think God Emperor of Dune would be a serious contender to be [...]