The newest shitline from KJASF? Or just David drooling in public again?

SandChigger | December 5, 2011

A thread on Facebook… led to a new discussion over on Goodreads… Ricco Carver: Some guy has a debate going! Dune – Dune 7 (showing 1-40 of 40) ?40 discussion posts. Matthew said: Hey all, I’ve noticed there are no discussion groups for Dune (none that I can find anyway). So, I’m starting this one [...]

Who doubts KJA is calling the shots?

SandChigger | September 27, 2011

Even if they’re just the fanboy cumshots? You have to wonder how much of what follows is real, and how much of it was dreamt up and prestaged in the fetid bowel-womb of Adam O’Brien Byron, how is the progress going with the Dune graphic novels adaptation? Saturday at 12:06pm – Padrig Merle likes [...]

A continuing outpouring of stupidity

SandChigger | September 19, 2011

Such an embarrassment of riches… Christopher Scheele I hear how some people do not like the new novels by Bryan Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, but I for one think they are just as good as Frank Herbert’s Novels. For some reason it irritates me. Anyone else agree? 14 hours ago – 2 people like [...]

Crawling up their urethras every chance he gets

SandChigger | September 12, 2011

Posted Saturday on the Wall of the Facebook group “The Dune Saga”: David James Who’s up for Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson making cameo appearances in whatever movie or TV adaptations of Dune occur? : D Saturday at 3:52pm – 4 people like this. David James Not to mention Byron Merritt too for that [...]

Fresh “Stupid” from World’s #1 McDune Shill on Facebook

SandChigger | July 10, 2010

If Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are the “world’s biggest fans of Dune”, then Byron Merritt must be the world’s biggest shill for McDune. Which is quite an accomplishment, seeing how ignorant of the Duniverse he comes off as sometimes. Or maybe that’s WHY he can do it so well? This are from the [...]

SciFiChick censoring comments(?)

SandChigger | August 15, 2009

On this post. I was just going to write that I had posted a reply to her reply about my question asking what she liked about The Hack’s books she has read but that she hadn’t passed it through yet (I received an error message when I posted telling me that the comment would be [...]

KJA Special Forcers & other shills on Amazon

SandChigger | August 5, 2009

Well, they’re finally slowly crawling out of the woodwork and showing their faces over there. The very first customer review, by James W. Williams, gives The Winds of Dune five stars and is a masterful piece of shilling that attempts to hide its shallowness with erudite literary references to Oedipus, etc. But make no mistake, [...]