The professionalism in everything they do

SandChigger | April 4, 2011

The other day yevisk (now rakishoard) over on Twitter sent me the following messages: yevisk: @DuneSandChigger per our Poland friend, Smellhole lists out Throne of Dune on the series pg…does KJA EVER proof read his “masterpieces”?! 30 Mar rakishoard: @DuneSandChigger The KJA crew left off GEOD under FH works in the Smellhole “booklist page”, but [...]

KJA fangirl SciFiChick squirts out another one…

SandChigger | April 1, 2011

There can be little doubt now that SciFiChick is completely out-to-lunch when it comes to anything written by Kevin J. Anderson. Just check out her new “review” of Hellhole. From the three-paragraph structure of the thing, you might suspect that she’s been taking lessons from Amazon star-reviewer Harriet Klausner. The first paragraph is plot synopsis [...]

Meet the Pee/Pooh of SMELLHOLE!

SandChigger | March 16, 2011

I didn’t have Net access when KJA started this shit on his blahg, so Ampoliros and others have already lambasted these “meet the people” posts over on Jacurutu, but I would be remiss not to mention them as well. The asshat pickle fucker himself writes (or did he dictahike this, too?): I’ll be posting some [...]

A KJASF shill review on Amazon

SandChigger | March 16, 2011

Sean Smith, one of the confirmed original members of KJASF, has published a “review” (link now dead) (for lack of a better word) of SMELLHOLE on Amazon. It’s pretty fucking bad. [Edit: Text of deleted "review", in blue font.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Glad I Only Visited Hellhole, March 15, 2011 By Sean Smith [...]

Even Harriet Klausner disappointed with SMELLHOLE?!

SandChigger | January 10, 2011

Along with the review by KJASF member Shannon Preto, I also found this delicious little morsel on the Barnes & Noble site: Posted January 7, 2011, 5:08 PM EST: From the frontier aptly titled planet Hellhole, exiled rebel General Tiber Adolphus remains adamant with his opposition to the avarice plots of the Crown Jewel worlds [...]

Anderson lied: It wasn’t the first!

SandChigger | January 10, 2011

On Saturday, January 8th, 2011, at 2:55 pm, Kevin J. Anderson wrote in his blog post “Starred Booklist review for HELLHOLE” that they had received their first review on HELLHOLE! From Booklist: … Well, that may have been the first one HE “received”, but it wasn’t the first one out there. From the Publishers Weekly [...]