BSC Review’s Ken_F Deleting WoD Comments

SandChigger | April 18, 2010

Remember this dickhead “review” of The Winds of Dune from last fall? You know, another one of those “Let me just post a nice fluffy piece about this piece of shit and get my fanboy points from the best-selling author” cyber-fellations where the reviewer-type fellah is in so much pain from having all their teeth [...]

Bogus Fremen in Winds a sign of disrespect for Arabs?

SandChigger | November 22, 2009

The blatant disrespect shown by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert for the work of Frank Herbert as embodied in the original Dune books goes without saying. (If they truly respected them, would they be “creatively reimagining” them as erroneous in-universe propaganda? Would they have written ten inconsistency-filled volumes of pulp and still be planning [...]

Trouble in Hack Heaven?

SandChigger | August 16, 2009

In his latest “Pittsburgh and Cleveland” blahg post, is KJA telling us things are not as chummy between him and Brian Herbert as he has given us to believe in the past? After our signings in the Washington, DC, area Brian and I left for our next stop, Pittsburgh. Early morning, I headed off to [...]

About that “winning streak”…

SandChigger | August 14, 2009

Both KJA (on Twitter & his blog) and Byron (on the Dumb Novels BBS) are creaming themselves over this supposed “winning streak” that the miserable #15 debut by Jessica to The Winds of Dune is supposed to represent. boardadmin wrote: Israfil wrote: Interesting…How does it compare with PoD, Hunters or Sandworms for the first week? [...]

The Morality of Customer Reviewing

SandChigger | August 13, 2009

I was about to post something flippant on Jacurutu just now about going over and joining Barnes & Noble so I could comment and post a review of Jessica to The Winds of Dune over there as well as on Amazon, but stopped myself when I thought about it a little more. I occasionally pop [...]

Another accurate review

SandChigger | August 10, 2009

Adam Whitehead at The Wertzone has published a review entitled “The Winds of Dune…or should that be hot air?” With too many bloggers showing their complete lack of literary taste or integrity and shilling on this piece of shit, with some even engaging in giveaways of the “swagsacks” and other crap (like this one, and [...]

KJA Special Forcers & other shills on Amazon

SandChigger | August 5, 2009

Well, they’re finally slowly crawling out of the woodwork and showing their faces over there. The very first customer review, by James W. Williams, gives The Winds of Dune five stars and is a masterful piece of shilling that attempts to hide its shallowness with erudite literary references to Oedipus, etc. But make no mistake, [...]